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Hello, I’m Mute, a Naver blogger who analyzes and introduces tech devices. I still use Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Jet Flip 3 as a sub. I’d like to recommend it to you because it’s more cost-effective and satisfying than the 4th generation. Let’s take a look at the honest kt 스카이라이프 tv reviews.

Unlike the initial criticism, the Flip series is now popular every time it is released. And the starting point is the model I’m introducing today. In fact, personally, the fourth generation was quite disappointing. This is because there are few changes in design and only improvements have been made in some specifications.

So there are still many people looking for this model. From the perspective that I have used both, especially this model, I want to summarize what I felt while using it for two years immediately after its release. In particular, I personally think it is good to buy this model instead of intermediate-grade devices.

People who are looking for cheap flagship kt 스카이라이프인터넷 가입센터 because the price range is quite cheap now. Or if the price of the flagship (S-series or Z-series) was burdensome, the Samsung Galaxy z-flip 3 would be very suitable. This is because the amount is less burdensome and the performance is as good as the new device. Then, let’s take a look at the charm by item.

This product is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip. When tested with Gigbench 5, it has a single score of 1,100 and a multi-score of 3,100 points. This figure is not far behind the iPhone. Currently, the 8+ Gen 1 chip is the latest, and the actual performance gap is not large, so it is still considered a representative flagship chip.

케이티스카이라이프 가입

It shows good performance not only in bench scores but also in gaming. I played mobile roles and Dungeons & Fighters to conduct precise tests. Enough for the performance. The frame does not fall off, and you cannot see bouncing or app refresh.

However, games such as Wonhin, Odin, and Black Desert, which are considered ultra-high specifications on mobile, have some heat. Throttling does not occur, but compared to iPhones, high-performance apps definitely seem to be lagging behind. However, since it was a game that was difficult to run on the intermediate Android itself, the performance of this product is much better.

One thing to be desired is the battery of the Samsung Jet Flip 3. Battery time may feel relatively insufficient. However, this is due to heavy battery consumption when driving 120Hz with LTPO panels. If you want to use it for a long time, it can be solved to some extent if you use it at a 60Hz injection rate.

In addition, storage space and memory are also compliant. The capacity is 256GB, so it is not enough, but this element is not different from the 4th generation Flip. Especially, the advantage of this model is that it is not much different from the current fourth generation. This is because you don’t have to buy a much more expensive new model if you have similar specifications anyway.

The reason why the existing Flip and Fold series was not very popular with the public was because of the foldable itself. It was because I couldn’t relate to what was convenient because I folded it. For example, Flip 1 and 2 had small external displays, so they could only check the time or check the basic notification. In other words, I had to keep opening my phone every time I wrote it.

In other words, the process of folding and unfolding was rather cumbersome and cumbersome. However, as the external display grows and can be contained as a widget, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 can use most of its functions when folded. Portability and convenience have doubled since most functions such as pay, notification, text verification, and selfies can be performed while folded.

In particular, when folded, the design is so high that even iPhone and other companies cannot match it. Among them, only those who prefer the color of this series to the fourth generation. Not only my pink color, which is exclusively for public platforms but also colors such as cream and lavender, which are basic colors, are gaining significant popularity.

It is also attractive that it has increased portability by folding it like a foldable device, and there are many functions that can be enjoyed in this state. In particular, you can take pictures by standing up without having a separate stand or stand. From selfies to videos, you can easily adjust the camera condition.

On the other hand, Samsung Jet Flip 3 has a flagship performance that allows users to do various tasks such as gaming and watching videos when unfolding, so they can freely choose depending on their usage environment. Unlike before, it now has two weapons: unfolding and folding.

The launch price of this product is about 1.2 million won, which is expensive among flagship products. Compared to the S series, the price is similar to the S22 Plus, but since it is a one-year-old product, the price cut is quite large. Currently, it depends on the place of order, but if you buy it at a low price, you can get it for as much as 600,000 won.

In other words, you can buy it cheaper than the mid-range A series of Samsung smartphones. Of course, the flagship is far better, so it is better to buy this model than to buy an intermediate-grade one. In addition, except for the 4th generation and color, there is little difference in design and the gap in performance is not large, so it can be seen as an opportunity to get an item at this point.

Lastly, if you are willing to purchase Galaxy Z Flip 3 products, use the link below. To the URL below, it is currently being sold at the cheapest price of 580,000 won. In other words, it is about 700,000 won cheaper than its launch. We don’t have enough in stock, so please try to buy it sooner. Personally, I’m quite satisfied, so I strongly recommend it.