If you think about purchasing a Laika camera, many people will yearn for the M series, but there are quite a few people who move on to the M series around, although the Q series and SL2 have their own advantages. Born with a film camera, the Lyca M11 has been released for the first time in a while. 공용휴대전화

As the Lyca M10 was so loved and satisfied with various photos such as characters and documentaries, expectations for follow-up were high. Although the price has risen a little, I think it is right to say that it strengthened its internal stability rather than a big design change like 업무용핸드폰 luxury lineup.

Laika was the same in that the camera lineup of other brands usually doesn’t take much of a change in design from their unique identity.
Laika M series is a camera that cannot be filmed. Nevertheless, the price is more than 20 million won even if only one main lens is installed. Digital technology is in the body to some extent, but it doesn’t work for AF, and it has to be filmed with a manual focus.

Nevertheless, the reason why 업무폰 it is so popular that it is not available is that it is the best in the photography industry, and the sensitivity, texture, color, and smoothness that can only be felt in Laika make many people excited. And there is a unique sensibility that other brands can’t feel.

Laika Camera M10 vs M11 Difference

  • Resolution: Improved from M1020 million pixels to m116 million pixels (60 million pixels, 36 million pixels, and 18 million pixels triple resolution technology)
  • Sensor: m11 Lycar is equipped with the first BSI CMOS sensor
  • Battery: M10 battery 1,100mAh/M11 1,800mAh 64% increase
  • Memory: First time to add internal 64GB and external memory in an external memory scheme

The new 업무용폰 m11 was released in two models, Silver, and Black, in terms of color and weight. The case of black, uses aluminum and is about 110g lighter than silver at 530g.
If you look at the design in detail, there are function keys, front buttons, and changes in the way the battery is attached and detached, and it is finally easy to insert and remove the floor battery like Laika SL2. Another thing that has changed is the photometry method, which only provided central photometry, but now multi- and spark photometry are available.
Domestic static price 12.9 million won (body)