These days, the proportion of purchases through Internet shopping rather than going to the mart is increasing, so there are a lot of cases to open boxes. My house also has a lot of boxes that I throw away every week for rehabilitation, from daily necessities to my purchases. 외국인유심

외국인유심 Usually, a lot of people use a cutter knife to cut the box tape, but a box cutter product that is safer and more useful for recycling has emerged. It’s a cat nail safety box cutter.

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The components are the original Catnail product, 2 sets of additional blades, and wrist straps.

The cat nail design, which means cat claws, is very pretty. It’s white and has a sleek streamlined body that’s reminiscent of a dolphin, so it goes well with it anywhere.

It’s made in the form of a soft winding on the hand, and you can press down on the top part on the top. If you press the top part with your hand?

The blade that was hidden inside is sticking out like this. It’s like a cat snatching its prey, revealing its hidden claws. I guess that’s why I named it Cat Nail.

If you just press the top part, the blade pops out, so you might think it’s rather dangerous, but you can lock it with a safety lock on the front so that it doesn’t usually pop out.

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When you cut the box with a regular cutter, you cut the tape with the blade out to use it and put it down on the side for a while with the blade sticking out. But even with the safety lock unlocked, the cattail is safer because the blade does not stick out in the atmosphere.korea sim

The advantage of cat nails is that they are specialized in cutting corners. If you look at the bottom, the inside angle is 90 degrees, so you can just stick it to the corner of the box and cut it exactly along the line.

It’s a structure where you can easily cut the box tape along the line by simply attaching the cat nail to the corner of the box, so you don’t have to look for it yourself. korea sim

I recorded a video clip of using cattails to cut the box tape. As you can see, the convenience of cutting the side is so comfortable that it is considered to be the best among the delivery box cutter products.

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This advantage is especially true when you cut the tape, and when recycling it, when you cut out the box itself. It’s convenient because the box is cut off neatly by just sticking it along the box line and scratching it.

Instead, when cutting the box tape attached to a flat surface, you have to use the safety lock on the front as a guide to determine the location, so that part seems to need to be adapted.

Replacement of cutter blades also provides a very safe method, so anyone can remove the blade they used without worrying about getting hurt easily and replace it with a new blade. For more information, refer to the video above and you can follow it right away.

In a house that usually has a lot of deliveries, it is quite troublesome to organize and recycle boxes as much as open box tapes. If you use cat nails, it’s easy to cut the box and throw it away without much effort, and it’s also very useful as a corner delivery box cutter, so you’ll be able to use it with satisfaction.