Hello, all experts in opening 법인폰 알뜰폰 개통 are Networks.
Today, regarding matters to be aware of when opening a corporate mobile phone and what documents are needed, Let’s find out.

Can I issue a tax invoice?
-First, you must check whether or not to issue a tax invoice related to the terminal payment before opening.
Usually, if you don’t inquire about the tax invoice, you don’t issue a tax invoice regarding the payment of the terminal.
The telecommunication company issues tax invoices only for telecommunication fees, and the terminal must request issuance to the agency it purchased.
Tax invoices can only be issued within a month of purchase. Whether you buy it in a lump sum or installments, the issuance of a terminal bill
Ask the agency you purchased. Even if you make an installment purchase, the bill is issued once in total.
Of course, if you purchase a 0 won phone without a terminal payment, you only need to receive a monthly tax invoice from the carrier.

Check the line you can sign up line.

  • Like a phone under an individual’s name, the number of people who can sign up for a corporate phone depends on their corporate credit.
    You should first check whether you can sign up for the number of corporate mobile phones you need.
    In the case of a new corporation, you can think that there are about five to six available lines for subscription throughout the three telecommunication companies.
    Of course, you should check the exact possible lines for each carrier.
    In addition to the subscription lines for each carrier, we need to check how many lines can be paid in installments. Usually, a new corporation can make one installment (a corporation less than 6 months old).

-Corporate phones cannot be paid in small amounts.
Also, you can’t use the mobile carrier membership card or Samsung Pay right away. If you apply for a personal authentication service for a corporate phone, you can issue a membership card and use the Samsung Pay service.

Can I use my phone number?
-You can use it, but you need a name change procedure. It is impossible to cancel the number used by the individual and open the corporate phone with that number. You have to change your name from an individual to a corporation to use the number you used as your name. What you should pay attention to when changing the name of the corporation from an individual is that if you have previously been approved for a family combination of wired or wireless combinations, you will all be terminated. In addition, it is impossible to change the name except for the representative and employee of the corporation.

Do you need documents when opening a 법인핸드폰 개통?
-Among the documents required for the opening of the agent, only the issued copy of the corporate seal certificate can be used within 60 days.
The power of attorney must have the same seal as the certificate of corporate seal impression, and it can be used seal impression when attaching the seal impression. I will post a question that I often ask when I open my in-phone as an answer.
When you open numerous corporate phones, you get a lot of questions from customers.

It will be very helpful for anyone who opens a corporate phone at first.

What is the difference between kt 법인휴대폰, private businesses, and private phones?
In short, corporate phones and personal phones have different names.
The phone will be opened under the name of the company.