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Summary of QR code scanning methods and Naver QR code creation

Hello, I’m Mute, a blogger who introduces tech tips. Today, I’m going to tell you how to scan the Naver QR code and make it. I will introduce a procedure that anyone can easily do, so I hope you completely conquer it with this review.

These days, QR is used a lot to make it easier to connect with content on mobile. In particular, because of the pandemic, electronic entry lists were forced to be used, and the QR became much more popular. So today, I’m going to teach you everything from QR recognition to creating your QR.

First, let’s look at the process of 스카이라이프인터넷 recognizing the QR. Smartphones these days are mostly recognized by just looking at the camera. Both Galaxy and iPhone are possible. However, in some cases, the recognition rate of printed qual may decrease, and in this case, let’s find out the procedure for more precise recognition.

Before creation, the recognition method requires downloading and running the Naver app from the Google Play Store or the App Storekt 스카이라이프 tv.

I can see the main screen like above, so let’s press the green button below. Then various menus appear. Naver has a ‘lens’ function that supports various perceptions. In addition to scanning the Naver QR code, there is an innovative function that tells you what product it is when you shoot flowers and product bar codes around it.

Here, you can check it right away by pointing it to the barcode or QR. As a result of various tests, the author has a much faster and more accurate recognition rate than the basic function of a general smartphone camera.

If you shine it on the QR like this, it will be recognized on its own, and a link will appear at the top to connect the page. Tap this to go to the QR page.

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kt스카이라이프 인터넷

I went to the page I checked like this. Using the Naver QR code scanning method will be better than basic apps because it allows more accurate recognition and faster connection.

Next, let’s make a QR ourselves. These days, QR is also widely used for personal purposes such as mobile business cards, business promotion, and self-PR. Search as above and go to the page.

From this page, anyone can create a QR. Also, it can be managed and modified at any time after production. It’s free on top of that. Click Create your QR code at the top of the page.

First, let’s enter a name (title) and then decide on a style. There are various borders and colors from the general design, so you can choose according to your use and design. In addition, text and other input are available as additional options. If you’re done setting it up, move on to the next step.

Qual is in two ways. When QR is recognized, the page is not connected but contains the information you want. It can contain information such as self-PR, business cards, and company promotions. The other is to link. Usually, the latter is chosen a lot, so I also chose the link shift.

Then you will get the bottom URL input. You can enter the link to the page you want to connect to when recognizing the QR here. And if you press the completion of the bottom, the production is finished.

Now there is a generated qual. If you press the Save button, you can download an image of the desired size. Alternatively, some functions can be used immediately, such as exporting and printing. If you save it and run the scan method, you will be able to confirm that it is working properly.

Now, the image of the Qal that I produced has appeared. You will also be able to make a Naver QR code using this method. Now that we’ve learned everything from scanning to production, I hope you all try a simple route.