New Samsung mid- to low-end phones, Galaxy A34 price/spec/color

A new product of Samsung’s mid to low-priced phone, which had been stagnant for about two years, has been released. Galaxy A34, a cost-effective smartphone unveiled in March 2023, is gaining popularity. The launch price is 494,900 won, which is equivalent to a mid- to low-priced phone, and the spec is armed with powerful functions as much as a flagship, and various colors and simple designs resemble the S23 series.업무용핸드폰

It is a new Galaxy smartphone that has been released in less than a month since it was released on March 31 through three self-sufficiency companies, SKT, KT, and LG U+. We have summarized the specifications, colors, and prices of the Galaxy A34, the main character that is revitalizing the mid- to low-end phone lineup, which has not been released for a long time, so please refer to it for purchase.DEP 아이폰 APPLE

The Galaxy A34 is equipped with a Dimension 1080 AP. It consists of two 2.6 GHz cores and six 2.0 GHz cores and is an AP that is mainly installed in intermediate and mid to low-priced phone smartphones.업무폰

RAM is 6GB LPDDR4X SDRAM, storage is 128GB UFS 2.2 specification, and additional micro SD cards can be used up to 1TB. Compared to flagship models, Samsung’s mid- to low-priced phones, which are easy to expand additional capacity through micro SD cards, have inherited the advantages of this time.SK법인폰

The display supports 393ppi with a 6.6-inch Super AMOLED 19.5:9 ratio and a 2340 x 1080 FHD resolution. Except that it is an Infinity-U display, the display specifications up to this point are the same as the ‘Galaxy S23 Plus model. The Galaxy A34 is such a cost-effective smartphone. However, the maximum brightness is 1,000 nits (in fact, this is also sufficient), and does not support HDR10+.


But a more interesting point to watch is the 120Hz injection rate. For a long time, Samsung has been equipped with 90Hz scanning rates for mid- to low-end phones and low-end Galaxy A series. But not anymore. The Galaxy A34 is equipped with a 120Hz high injection rate even though it is a mid-to low-priced phone with a factory price of 494,900 won. The Galaxy S23 Plus’s display, which costs 1,353,000 won, is missing only the maximum brightness/HDR. SK법인폰 개인인증

Rather, there are advantages over S23+. The battery capacity is 5,000mAh. The 5,000mAh battery capacity is the same as the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Unfortunately, however, wireless charging has been eliminated, and up to 25W, wired high-speed charging is possible.

The operating system is Android 13, One Ui 5.1, and weighs 199 grams, making it light. It supports built-in fingerprint recognition, and face recognition, and is IP67-grade waterproof dustproof, and Samsung Pay can be used.


The camera has a quad configuration of 13MP (F2.2) front/rear super wide angle 8MP (F2.2), main 48MP (F1.8/OIS), and tangent 5MP (F2.4). The camera composition is also cost-effective, and it is also excellent that it inherited the strengths of One Ui 5.1 such as photo remaster and AI eraser.APPLE SK법인폰

Let’s look at the design as well as the color.법인업무폰

There are four colors for the Galaxy A34. Awesome Silver / Awesome Graphite / Awesome Lime / Awesome Violet ‘. Silver has a subtle gradation color. The gradation in the form of orange, green, and blue, not complete silver, gives a subtle feeling. 업무용태블릿

Graphite is close to a bright-toned black that seems to have only one drop of white paint spread and lime and violet are expressed in rather dark colors with no gradation effect. I think Awesome Silver will be the most popular.DEP아이폰 APPLE

The evaluation of the design is quite positive. It inherits the design look of the Galaxy smartphone as it is, and it looks very much like the Galaxy S23 Plus. The rear design is so clean that it is difficult to find a big difference other than the color, and the camera line is also expressed very small due to the difference in sensor size of each lens, and there is no difference. If I put the case in, I don’t think anyone will see it as a mid-to low-priced phone.

The side frame was also treated matte to increase the sense of luxury, and the rear panel also adopted plastic to eliminate the feeling of cheapness as much as possible. 업무용폰

The price of the Galaxy A34 is 494,900 won based on the factory price. It is currently being sold at Samsung Dotcom and several open markets at a discount of about 50,000 won. In addition, the three SKT KT LG U+ telecommunication companies are also selling in high praise, and the installment principal has already been formed up to 0 won depending on the subscription channel and type.업무용핸드폰

It is a good channel for purchasing a cost-effective smartphone and is available at a special price on New Bus Phones. If you choose the “5GX Prime/Prime Plus/Platinum” plan when you move your number to SKT, the Galaxy A34 price becomes 0 won due to the addition of public subsidies and additional special discounts.

Then you might think that the plan is too expensive, but if you change it to a 40,000 won plan six months after its opening, it is enough. There is no change in penalty or installment principal due to the reduction of the plan. You can take the first 0-won setting to the end.

Other telecommunication companies and other fare systems are in good condition. LG U+ is still not high in public subsidies, KT is serious about lowering the price of Galaxy A34, and SKT is serious about lowering the price of Galaxy A34. There are only three installment principal 0 won plans and up to 140,000 won from 70,000 won.DEP아이폰 APPLE

As the economic downturn is prolonged, many people see an important criterion for purchasing smartphones as cost-effectiveness. In this situation, the specifications of the Galaxy A34 have come out comparable to the flagship, so I think the supply will run out quite quickly. The price I introduced is a limited quantity. Hurry up!