The Instagram 360 One X3, the world’s most popular 360-degree camera, was recently released and is on sale. I like all the products of the Insta360 brand, but I really like the One X series that represents the brand. Easy portability, excellent performance, and at first glance, people don’t know whether it’s an action camera or a 360-degree camera, so you don’t have to pay attention to other people’s eyes on the street.

We’ve 외국인선불유심 already covered a detailed introduction to Instagram 360 One X3, so if you want to know more about specifications or features, please refer to the posting above. Today, we will unbox the products we received ourselves and look at the actual appearance of the products.

As soon as you open the box, you’ll be like, “I’m X 3!” and show your presence. The use of the product has improved significantly because it has a large display that overwhelms ordinary action cameras in the previous generation’s small circular display. koreasim

Basic package components include the Instagram 360 One X3 body, portable protective pouch, logo stickers, dust-wiping cloth, USB-C cable, and other manuals.


In addition to the basic package, accessories such as Invisible sticks, Micro SD cards, lens caps, and lens girders that are used most of the time can be purchased in a package together. Please refer to the link at the bottom of the page for accessories and purchase prices that you can purchase together.

Since the latest sim card prepaid product was released on Instagram 360 One X2, many people expected the most improvement in 5.7K 360 video resolution. Unfortunately, the resolution is still the same at 5.7K. However, the 1/2″ sensor, which is much larger than the previous model, has improved image quality, especially in low-light conditions.

In addition, with a 2.29-inch cool, large touchscreen on a small circular display that was hard to get a proper preview and used to change menus and settings, you can now see what you’ve taken with Instagram 360 One X3, not just a smartphone.

Unlike the previous work, which provided only one shooting button, a shooting button and a mode change button was provided on the front, and many improvements were made in terms of operability, including the quick menu button on the side.

On the back of the product, the Insta360 logo, status LED, and microphone are located below the lens.

The Instagram 360 One RS, which was released just before, introduced a quick menu function that allows you to save frequently used settings and change them quickly. I could use it comfortably, but it was a bit inconvenient to press it. The Instagram 360 One X3 is now available with an additional independent button on the right side.

On the left side of the product, there is a USB-C port that is protected by a waterproof cover.

Immediately next to the USB-C port is a 1800mAh replaceable battery which is also waterproof and sealed.

For your information, it supports IPX8 grade 10m waterproofing, and if you use a dedicated dive case, you can shoot underwater up to 50m, so you can shoot freely underwater.

The micro SD slot is located inside when the battery is removed for waterproofing.

At the bottom of the product, there is a mount to fasten a mini tripod or an invisible stick.

The advantage of Instagram 360 is that it is possible to take high-quality shots from a perfect third-person perspective because it removes the selfie stick from the video when filming by connecting the exclusive Invisible selfie stick.

When you first buy the product, it works with a dedicated Insta360 mobile app for activation, and you can create an account to learn a variety of shooting tips while enjoying the photos uploaded by users around the world, and apply the fun effects of ShotLab with just a few clicks. The giant mode video, which drew attention in the short form video a while ago, was also filmed with this product in its mouth, and it was added as an official shot lab effect, perhaps because it was so popular. 🙂

Of course, you can easily preview and film on a larger screen through a real-time camera connection in the mobile app, and you can easily edit the video you filmed by moving it to your smartphone. The editing method is easy and simple, so anyone can learn and use it quickly, and if you want to use it as a quality source, you can use the studio program provided for your desktop.

Thanks to the 2.29-inch cool screen size, changing shooting options and setting menus are so comfortable that you feel like you’re using a smartphone.

In particular, one of the reasons for the upgrade is that the Instagram 360 One X3 supports 4K 30p in single lens shooting mode, so it is a 360-degree camera, but it can also be used as a regular action camera.

It’s very comfortable that you can shoot a 16:94K 30p video without turning the 360-degree camera horizontally. This is because you can freely shoot 360 videos or regular 4K videos while connected to a selfie stick.

It’s so convenient sim card POSTPAID to take selfies by switching the front and back lenses with a touch, and I feel that this alone is worth changing.

The 360-degree camera is equipped with convex lenses back and forth to capture a large area, so there is a high risk of damage or scratches.

Therefore, careful attention is required when filming, and when storing it, use a pouch that comes with it or use a silicon lens cap that is sold separately to prevent the lens from directly touching the floor, object, etc.

If you are worried about lens damage, you can purchase and attach genuine lens leather to prevent lens damage or scratches in advance.

The Instagram 360 One X3 is a 360-degree camera that improves low-light quality through a larger sensor, and at the same time, it is also an action camera that can conveniently shoot 4K 30p videos. If you’re wondering whether to buy the modular OneRS or the other, I recommend you to choose OneRS if you’re using the 4K action cam more actively, and X3 if you’re interested in using a 360-degree camera more actively.

Above all, the design that is not like a camera that is not reminiscent of a normal action camera is one of the biggest advantages of this one when it is actually used, so I think X3 will be more satisfying. I’ll try using it more and write a detailed review of the results I took.