Galaxy S22 Ultra법인폰

Galaxy S22 Ultra공공기관 법인핸드폰 Review (Color, Camera, S Pen, Price)
The Galaxy S22 Ultra attracted a lot of attention even before unpacking just by adding a notebook form factor. As everyone expected, it 공공기관 was very popular from the pre-booking. There was a sudden reversal.

There was a sudden brake on the popularity of GOS issues that no one expected, and all channels were out of stock. It was an unexpected development not only for Samsung Electronics but also for mobile carriers.
Samsung’s initial response was terrible, but now it is one of the countermeasures, which can significantly reduce the burden of 1.45 million won in the Galaxy S22 법인명의 휴대폰개통ultra price. Public subsidies for each mobile carrier have been raised significantly.

At the time of pre-booking, the ultra model was seriously out of stock. Nevertheless, at that time, the public subsidy was only around 100,000 won to 200,000 won in the early and mid-20,000 won based on the highest price plan of the three telecommunication companies. However, as the GOS issue broke out and sales plunged, the disclosure subsidy was raised significantly from March 18 as a defense against the issue along with firmware updates.

In conclusion, the current price of the Galaxy S22 Ultra 공공기관 업무용핸드폰 is as follows. Based on SK Telecom’s 5GX Platinum (125,000 won per month) plan, 500,000 won for KT 5G Super Plan Premium Choice (130,000 won per month) and 550,000 won for LG U+ 5G Signature (130,000 won per month). In just a few days, public subsidies have more than doubled.
In addition, if you receive support from the mobile phone sacred site, you can even purchase Ultra at a lower price than Plus and regular models.
It’s an opportunity. GOS or whatever. Isn’t it just an opportunity?

It’s a good chance for people like me who want to buy it because of the big screen display of the S Pen and camera regardless of the GOS issue. Samsung Electronics has already partially resolved the intervention in GOS when playing games by updating, and even providing the option to block GOS itself through game performance mode and bypass the app.
At the time of pre-booking, I bought it in green color immediately, because of its excellent design, good color, camera, and S pen. And I’ve been using it for the past month and I’m very satisfied. I organized the contents of the book in the form of a review.
The front is bezel-less and the back is a neat design with no camera island. In the current situation where all smartphones provide a large camera island (?) rather unique and light design greatly boosts satisfaction.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra colors are green/phantom black/phantom white/burgundy and have a wide selection. (Self-sufficiency for Samsung Dotcom is graphite, sky blue, red)
The very previous work, S21 Ultra, only had two colors: black and silver. The choice was too narrow. At that time, black felt too dull and heavy, so I chose green this time. The subtle green tone itself varies greatly depending on the angle of light and the amount of light. When the amount of light is insufficient, a chic dark green color may be produced as shown in the picture above.

Burgundy also has a large change in color tone depending on the angle of light and the amount of light. It’s the same as green. Of course, basic colors such as black and white are also good options. With tempered glass and matte paint, all four colors are attractive.

This is the basic composition of the camera that makes you feel the most satisfied.

  1. Ultra wide-angle 12 megapixel F2.2
  2. Wide-angle 108 million pixels F1.8 (OIS)
  3. Telephoto 10 million pixels F2.4 (OIS)
  4. Telephoto 210 megapixel F4.9 (OIS)

In this way, there are a total of four quad cameras on the back. If you include 40 million pixels (F2.2) in the front, there are five. You can easily create a wide variety of angles with just a smartphone.
The above three photos were taken with the Galaxy S22 Ultra Camera at the camping site last weekend. From the top, it is 1x, 3x optical zoom, and 30x space zoom. It supported 120-degree ultra-wide angles, 10x optical zoom, and up to 100x space zoom, making it very easy to produce a lot of different things. To be honest, I didn’t have to use it up to 100 times zoom. Even in this vast nature.

The night mode that Samsung emphasized from unpacking is kind of… Half and half. It’s improved a lot compared to the previous one. I can’t say that I’m very satisfied yet.
The above pictures were taken in the same composition, one in the night mode, and one in the night mode. The difference in detail is quite different.

Unlike the night mode, which handles both the soft lines seen at the end of the firewood and the texture of each crushed stone very, very gently, the normal cut looks quite rough because the noise is exposed as it is.

The performance of the night video will be as realistic as possible with the above cut. The weather was the worst of the day, so it was completely pitch dark. Suddenly, as the day cleared, the moon slowly rose from the peak, and I captured the situation as it was.

The overall noise is severe because it was extreme darkness, but the ability to adjust the ambient illumination is high whenever the focus is moved.
We also captured slow motion while hitting the fire zone, the beauty of camping. Slow-motion was not much different from the existing Galaxy S 법인명의 개인사업자 알뜰폰series. I comply.
As a lover of the Note series, I bought an ultra because of the S Pen. It’s not that I’m good at drawing or writing, but the difference between having and not having good handwriting is very big every moment when I need a memo. As I emphasized in the unpack, the delay rate is 2.8ms based on Samsung Note. And I can feel it as it is. It sticks very quickly as if you were writing on paper with a piece of paper.

So I checked the reviews of the past month by dividing them into several points. Once again, regardless of the GOS issue, if you focus on the functions that are used the most, like me, this is the opportunity when the disclosure subsidy has risen significantly. In particular, as it has become a big social issue, Samsung will continue to update its software for further usability improvement.