Are the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s 법인명의 알뜰폰 practical use, price, and specification worth using?
It has been about two months since I purchased the Galaxy S22 Ultra in advance. The detailed review should have come out sooner, but the review was delayed a little due to the GOS incident.

Today, we’re going to talk about the strengths and weaknesses, prices, and specifications of the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Galaxy S22 Ultra 법인명의핸드폰 Main Specifications

AP: Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1
Storage: 256GB / 512GB / 1TB
Display: 6.8 inches 3088 × 1440 (500 ppi)
Injection rate: variable 120 Hz
Front camera: 40 million pixel F/2.2

a rear camera

Main: 108 million pixels F/1.8 OIS
3x telephoto: 10 million pixels F/2.4 OIS
10x telephoto: 10 million pixels F/4.9 OIS
Ultra-wide angle: 12 million pixels F/2.2

Battery: 5000 mAh
Specification: 77.9 × 163.3 × 8.9 (mm)
Weight: 228 g
Others: equipped with s-pen

The main specifications areas above. The most noticeable thing is that for the first time in the s-series, a storage S-pen is installed. In my previous work, I couldn’t hold a pen, but I only applied.
From this Galaxy S22 Ultra, I have replaced the Note series with storage. The Galaxy Note 22 is the name of the Note series from the pen to the design.

Design (Advantages)
Design is an area of likes and dislikes, but I see it as an advantage. I like the note series so much, and the back design that reminds me of velvet is neatly removed, so it has a simple and stylish design.
But it stands out, so it’s good to put the case in for protection. The original case fits perfectly, so it’s better to wear the original rather than the priest.
AP and GOS (disadvantages)
Galaxy S22 Ultra and Series GOS Controversy Cleans up
Hello, we’re the Koyet Couple. Starting with Galaxy S in 2010, I have been using Galaxy smartphones as main for 13 years. The problem was not the AP’s weakness, but rather the system application called GOS. The incident became an issue that appeared on the airwaves.

I summarized what GOS was and what was the problem in the previous posting, so if you are curious about it, please refer to the above posting.

Currently, GOS can be turned off and used through the S/W update, but even if the function is turned off, the heat sink design is poor, so the performance is degraded due to throttling.
Of course, it is difficult for users who do not play hard work or games to feel it, but it is better not to expect performance because they have already lost the trust of users.
Still, the AP itself shows high performance as Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 is the latest flagship AP. It doesn’t mean anything, but if you turn around the gig bench that kicked out the s22 series, you can see that you get a high score.

Camera (Advantage)
The Galaxy S22 Ultra 업무용핸드폰개통Main Camera is equipped with the ISO Cell HM3 S5KHM3. It is the same as the sensor on the s21 Ultra, and there is no specification upgrade.

Instead, with the powerful performance of software such as Nitography, you can get bright and clean images even in low-light environments. It’s no match for DSLRs or mirrorless cameras, but in everyday life, snapshots are full and full of s22 ultra.

Plus, with 3x optical zoom and 10x optical zoom, you can get a clean image with a telephoto camera, and although the image quality is not very good, you can use 30x and 100x digital zoom to shoot distant subjects.

It is difficult to handle the camera briefly, and I will only deal with the detailed review of the camera later.

Battery (Disadvantages)
The Galaxy S22 Ultra has a battery capacity of 5000 mAh. The same capacity or running time as the previous work was much shorter. In addition, I felt that it was worn out faster because I turned off the GOS function and used it.

Even though I only used FHD+, 120Hz setting standards such as web surfing, and Kakaotalk, I could see that it was worn out. It discharged more than 2-3 hours faster than the previous model with the same usage pattern.

Other advantages and disadvantages

Playing a game using the Galaxy S22 Ultra 법인명의 알뜰업무용핸드폰 Spen
Another great advantage is that you can use the pen now. It’s good for taking notes and can be used for detailed work and games.
External memory slots are not supported again this time. The old Galaxy had a great advantage in capacity by providing SD card slots, but they deleted it by themselves (?)

The GOS incident is also due to excessive cost reduction, and it is a pity that costs have been reduced everywhere, including SD card slots. From the next production, I hope to bring out weapons that competitors do not have, including SD card slots.
In addition, I experienced small errors such as frequent disconnection of Bluetooth. It seems that these parts will be solved through SW updates later. This S22 series seems to have a lot of noise.
Galaxy S22 Ultra Price
By storing the spen on a widescreen, it attracted note users and was even equipped with high-performance cameras and high-performance APs, but many users have turned their backs on the GOS situation and small errors. Thanks to him, the price has become much cheaper.

Galaxy S22 Ultra Factory Price List
256GB: KRW 1,452,000
512GB: KRW 1,551,000
1TB: KRW 1,749,000

The store price itself is very expensive. As of April 17, it varies slightly depending on the telecommunication company, but if you use the 70,000-90,000 won plan, you can purchase it for about 50,000-600,000 won if you add the public subsidy and additional subsidy. The basic one is about 150,000 to 200,000 won.

The price varies widely depending on the plan and your situation, so please check the website above.
We learned about the strengths, weaknesses, specifications, and prices of the Galaxy S22 Ultra for two months.
I’m less satisfied than my previous works due to negative issues, but I’m comforted that I’ve met Note Siri with an S Pen again. I hope the posting was helpful and I’ll end it here.